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Partnering with NowThis News, Campbell Soup has created a four-part digital dating series airing across several social media channels.

While the connection between matchmaking and soup may not be immediately apparent, the show is based on the premise that couples who eat together stay together. Each episode tests this theory by pairing people up based on their food preferences.

As part of the brand’s larger “Made for Real, Real Life” campaign, this launch is Campbell’s latest effort to connect with millennial consumers – a target whose affinity for dating shows and apps like The Bachelor and Tinder is far from a secret.

While this campaign is definitely out of the box – or bowl, if you will – for Campbell’s, it’s a unique way for the brand to break out of its comfort zone and reach a new target with a pleasantly surprising and entertaining execution.

The first of the brand’s four videos is currently running on NowThis’s Facebook and YouTube channels, and will soon be available on Snapchat and Instagram. The remaining three episodes will be released on February 25, March 8 and March 19.